Wish you were here… Place Stanislas Nancy Photos

Written by on July 29, 2015 in Alsace

Place Stanislas

Place Stanislas Nancy Photos

Stanis Leszczynski , a former King of Poland was exiled to France in the 18th Century. In order to connect the Old Town and New Town of Nancy, he designed a vast square. He wanted something sensational and extraordinary, something that would honour the Sun King who had given him somewhere to live.

Place Stanislas-Nancy

The foundations were laid in 1752 and the square was inaugurated in 1755. Today, the original appearance of this magnificent square has been restored. A classic architectural style, lots of wrought iron work with gilding, high pillars in the Greek Corinthian style, sculptures and vcarvings, windows with small panes. There are two fountains and a statue of the Polish King, a statue of the Sun King was destroyed during the French Revolution.

Place Stanislas-Nancy (5)

Now a major tourist attraction and no wonder – Place Stanislas is exquisite.

Musee de l'Ecole de Nancy

Nancy is alao home to the Musée de l’École de Nancy, which is housed in the 1909 villa of Eugène Corbin, an incredible monument to Art Nouveau generally considered to be circa 1880 to end of World War I. Art Deco followed… in Nancy both styles sit comfortably side by side architecturally.

Musee de l'Ecole de Nancy

All photos by Lori Prosser

Stohrer bakery Paris the oldest cake shop in town: Nicholas Stoher opened his cake shop in 1730 in Paris. He served his apprenticeship at the Court of King Stanislaw where he had proved himself to be a very inventive cake maker. He created the Ali-Baba cake which we know today as a Rum Baba, a sort of Kugelhopf, soaked in rum.

Great French cakes of France: the Madeleine, said to have been invented by accident at the court of King Stanislas

Lots more gorgeous Nancy photos in our March magazine The Good Life France

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