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Improve your French. And enjoy a wide range of French films and TV series, documentaries, cookery shows and more with TV5MONDEplus – 100% free.

The service aims to bring French language programmes and films to a global audience.  And, the platform is perfect for those who want to improve their French and enjoy some great films and shows at the same time.


French TV5MONDE TV channel was founded in partnership with Belgium, Canada and Switzerland. Their aim was to transmit French-language television to the world. TV5MONDEplus is a free on demand platform, a global video-streaming service to offer a sort of Netflix for Francophiles. With French being the fifth most spoken language in the world and the third most used on the internet, the new internet based channel is sure to be popular.

Viewers have a choice of around 4,000 hours of feature films, television series and documentaries. Sourced from from France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland and French-speaking Africa, there are subtitles in five languages, including English as well as French. For those wanting to learn to read and speak French this is a really helpful resource. TV5MONDEplus is available globally (except for China, Netherlands, and the US where it will be rolled out in 2021).

Around 150 hours of programming is refreshed each month so there’s always something new to watch.

Here’s a sneaky peak video – it’s in French but if you want English subtitles – simply click the link for the platform at the bottom of this page. Then choose the programme you want and make your subtitles choice …

Fabulous French language films and shows

Among my favourite films on show is the lush period drama Le Roi, l’Écureuil et la Couleuvre – the King, the Squirrel and the Grass Snake. Set in the days of Louis XIV it portrays the rivalry between Nicolas Fouquet (creator of the Chateau of Vaux le Vicomte) and Jean-Baptiste Colbert.

There are French language shows too plus kids shows and cookery shows too. I love Michelin Star chef Guy Martin’s romp around France discovering its food and passionate producers. The scenery is beautiful (the show on Brittany and its speciality foods is mouth-wateringly lovely) making Francophiles and foodies very happy. For those missing France, you can watch shows and films that take you there from your armchair. You can access the channel on any web or mobile device: tablet, internet connected TV, PC, phone or iPad…

Access the platform and create a free account. This means you’ll get enhanced usage. Carry on watching where you left off, get recommendations based on what you watch and more:

TV5MONDEplus – 100% free on demand and perfect for Francophiles:

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