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Courtyard in front of Claude Monet's house in Giverny, Normandy, surrounded by blooms and vines


I hope that you and yours are well.

Here we’ve been nursing two sick kittens, Tigger and Pooh who joined us a few weeks ago. (Here they are on Instagram). We took them to the see our lovely local vet. He thinks we are a little crazy. We first met him when we found a tiny 4 week old kitten in a car park being beaten by another cat. We called him Winston and fed him with a pipette (not the vet, the kitten). Now he’s the biggest cat in the village. Then followed a succession of stray cats that found their way to our door. A motley lot, deaf, one-eyed, sick, sad and starving. The vet treated them all though he did tell us we should try to stop taking in every stray animal that came our way. He was sure our neighbours would tie their old farm stock to our gate one of these days.

He looks after our three dogs too, all unwanted or strays. He helped us find the owner of two dogs we found wandering along a road miles from anywhere. And he treated one of our baby chickens when it was born with a neck problem – we called her “Wonky Neck”. He did raise his eyebrows higher than usual when we arrived with the little lopsided chirping chick and say we’re “too soft” which I think is polite French for soft in the head!

This week he was in our village to check on Thierry the farmer’s cows and stopped by to make sure the kittens were doing ok. “I can’t come in” he muffled through his mask from his car “but how are they?”

While we were chatting, Bread Man arrived and joined in the conversation from behind his mask in his van.

Tigger and Pooh, feeling much better, were at the window bouncing about to the delight of their audience.

Then the Chronopost delivery man came by and he stopped to wave at the kittens.

They are becoming little celebrities it seems. I am not sure what this will do for my reputation but I guess Madame Mad Cat Woman is better than Madame Merde (a name I earned when my septic tank exploded in the garden) or Madame Who Keeps Pigs in the House due to a misunderstanding over me telling Bread Man I work in the pigsty!

Wishing you and yours well, wherever you are…

Wishing you and yours well.
Bisous from a goathherd

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