The inspirational Grand Épicerie Rive Droite Paris

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The Grande Epicerie de Paris Rive Droite (right bank) is the gourmet food store emporium of the Bon Marché department store. Think Harrods food store with French je ne sais quoi!

It opened in 2017 and has quickly built up a reputation for being one of the most delicious food stores in Paris. You’ll find a wall of olive oils, a compendium of chocolate and global gastronomy to make your taste buds do cartwheels!

Whether you’re after a bottle of water – and there’s a huge range including a rather pricey bottle called Bling at 50 Euros the bottles are a collectors item I’m told, or a cake, fish, bread or more exotic items, the Grande Epiceris is the gourmet shop for foodies in Paris.

A yummy market

You’ll find this luscious food store on rue de Passy behind a façade of piquant mint, thyme and rosemary. Inside there are stalls piled high with seasonal fruit and vegetables, an aromatic rotisserie, fresh fish and more. At the scrumptious patisserie, mosaic murals designed by artist Mathilde Jonquière are a nod to the Saint-Honoré, one of the most illustrious pastries of 19th century Paris.

Stellar cellar

There are some 1,500 brands in a vaulted cellar more than 40 meters long. Whiskey connoisseurs will love the 100 varieties offered and wine lovers will be thrilled with the shelves filled with exceptional bottles of prestigious cuvées. You’ll also find delicious cheeses and charcuterie in the cellar, the perfect accompaniment to the wine!

Tasty visits

Four tasting counters make for a tasty treat including “Cuisines of the world” to “Luxury”.  Around 6,000 specially selected brands showcase the very best of global cuisine. You can’t fail but be impressed by a wall of oils from Italy, Greece and Uruguay, a tempting display of bars of chocolate, 100 brands of crisps and 350 varieties of jams

There’s a restaurant, “Le Rive Droite”, on the top floor, under the central dome.  There’s no need to reserve for lunch but if you want to ensure a table for dinner, it’s best to reserve.

Inspired by La Grande Epicerie

Irish food writer and cook book author Trish Deseine moved to Paris in the 1980s and became one of the most influential food writers in France. Inspired by the fine ingredients at La Grande Épicerie de Paris, her book “C’est Bon: recipes inspired by La Grand Epicerie de Paris” is her twist on both traditional French classics and dishes with a distinctly British flavour. From smoked magret of duck to pear tarte tatin, and from Welsh rarebit to Guinness cake. Designed with the home chef’s tight schedule in mind, the recipes―divided into appetizers, soups, and salads; main courses and side dishes; and desserts―are quick and easy to prepare. Each recipe is accompanied by tips and a suggested drink pairing. Modern yet informal, these recipes show how simple cuisine using exceptional products can yield delectable results…

Reasons to love this book: Gorgeous photos with every recipe, mouth-watering recipes that are not so complicated you give up half way through reading. Dishes such as chestnut mousse with milk chocolate ganache and deep fried chicken quickly become favourites, in fact there are so many potential favourites, this book will be your kitchen friend with a French flavour!

Available on Amazon from publishers Flammarion.

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