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There are parts of France that are so authentic, so special, you feel as if you need to pinch yourself to believe they’re real…

In the Gers department in the far south west of France, in the land known historically as Gascony, the locals make Armagnac, a world famous brandy.

But this is not just any brandy. It’s the oldest French eau-de-vie.

A book published in 1310 lists the many virtues of Armagnac. It includes that “it makes people happy, preserves youth,” cures all manner of ills and apparently keeps you healthy and in good shape. Now there’s no proof of this at all – but it does taste delicious – and it does make you happy!

These days, Armagnac is loved for its distinctive taste. A craft brandy, it’s not produced in industrial quantities but lovingly made by family-run wine growers, small producers and artisans. Get to really know it on the best Armagnac tour there is.

Take a unique Armaganac tour

Wooden barrels stacked on top of each other in an Armagnac cellar

Discovering the stunningly beautiful, pinch-yourself, area where Armagnac is made is just one part of a superb 5-day tour run by French Country Adventures. You’ll also join in a unique celebration of the making of Armagnac, an adventure like no other.

You’ll visit vineyards and gorgeous villages like Fourcès and Larressingle, both included in the official list of most beautiful villages in France.

Your home will be a beautiful chateau. And you’ll dine in wonderfully authentic restaurants and visit spectacular markets.

You’ll meet Armagnac producers and enjoy tastings. Learn all about Armagnac, its history and production, with renowned oenologist American Tom Fiorina.

And, the icing on the cake. You’ll join a very special dinner known as an “alambic dinner”. For just a few nights each year, when the harvest is over and the distillation process begins, the makers of Armagnac celebrate. And they invite people to join them. Parties and places are limited and highly coveted. Sue Aran of French Country Adventures will ensure that you get the chance to join in.

People enjoying themselves at an Armagnac dinner in a wine cellar

You’ll join a renowned family producer at their chateau. Party in the wine cellar with live music and dancing and watch the lighting of the still to create the eau-de-vie. You’ll get to taste the first distillation, enjoy the most delicious food, washed down with local wines and Armagnac. And you’ll see the distillation process take place. This is a ceremony that’s gone on for hundreds years. It’s fun, memorable and truly special. And afterwards, you’ll be driven home to your own chateau!

Places are limited, so don’t wait to book your spot:

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