Ten reasons to Visit Troyes, Champagne, in Photos

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troyes in the sun

Troyes is one of the most alluring, charming medieval French towns I’ve ever visited. It’s big too and its easy to spend at least a couple of days wandering around, in and out of old buildings, museums, churches and discovering the history of this most amazing place.

Ten Great reasons to visit Troyes

You can read more about Troyes here but here in photos are some truly exceptional reasons why Troyes should be on your bucket list (and that doesn’t include the fact that it’s only 1.5 hours from Paris by train)…

1. Troyes Café culture in the most amazing setting

troyes cafe culture

Troyes is uniquely cork-shaped! It wasn’t planned, it just happened that way as the town was laid out long before Champagne corks were popping. There is a huge choice of places to sit and watch the world go by and enjoy the ambience of this friendly, beautiful town.

2. La Ruelle des Chats, Troyes

The Cats Alley is a quaint and picturesque street in Troyes. Why this name? Because the roofs of the houses in this street are so close that cats could easily pass from one side to the other, from one attic to another by simply walking across. The houses in this narrow lean closer, like friends whispering secrets, the higher up they go…

troyes history

 3. Tour de l’Orfevre

The Goldsmith’s Tower, built in the 16th Century by a goldsmith who needed to add room to his tiny premises!

troyes tower de l'orfevre

 4. Romantic Troyes

This is a place to wander, browse, relax at a cafe or in a bar, enjoy a meal in a restaurant, hold hands and feel the romance of the town…

Troyes colour

5. Troyes Boulangeries!

The cake shops of Troyes are renowned for their delicious pastries and cakes not to mention bread…

troyes bakery

 6. Gastronomy

However you like your restaurants – traditional, elegant, refined, quirky, modern, there’s a massive choice in Troyes… the art of living and great cuisine blend well here. Local cuisine includes the Troyes andouillette, invented many centuries ago, this famous hand made sausage was enjoyed by Louis XIV and Napoleon.

troyes gastronomy

 7. Brioche of Troyes

They’re famous for their brioche here and no wonder, all shapes and sizes but always delicious!

troyes brioche

8. Real life Troyes

Although the architecture is ancient, this is no museum town, real life is here, market days, festivals, lots of shops, in fact one of the most well-known factory outlets is close by, favoured by Parisians who want to buy style but at a realistic price…

troyes real life

9. Cultural Troyes

Museums and churches galore, if you are a culture vulture Troyes will certainly push all the right buttons for you! The Vauluisant Museum dating back to the 16th Century is particularly charming.


10. Champagne and wine Troyes

Troyes is the historic Capital of Champagne, the nearest vineyard is about ten kilometres away (Montgueux). Enjoy a glass of Champagne or locally produced wine or the famous rosé des Riceys, so rare you can  hardly find it anywhere outside of Champagne…

troyes champagne


More on Troyes – the Medieval city of Champagne
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Website for Troyes Tourist Office
Read more about Troyes in The Good Life France Magazine – free to read, download and subscribe

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