Recipe for Tarte aux fraises – Strawberry and cream pie

Written by on April 8, 2018 in Desserts

Cecile de la Rue, author of Voila! A French Cookbook shares her absolutely scrumptious strawberry and cream pie recipe. It’s very easy to make and very more-ish!

Cecile says “Fresh strawberries over whipped cream and the best crust ever. I love making this dessert on the spot, right before serving it—just prepare the crust, whip the cream at the last minute, and place the strawberries. It’s a perfect birthday cake to my mind. Open a bottle of champagne with it!”

How to make a deliciously simple French Tarte aux Fraises

Ingredients: serves 6

Prep time: 10 minutes, plus 1 hour to cool

1 packet of shortcrust pastry
1 cup (240 ml) whipping cream
⅓ *40g) cup powdered sugar
1 pound (.5kg) strawberries, halved

1. An hour ahead – put the bowl of your stand mixer in the freezer, and your whipping cream in the fridge.

2. Bake the shortcrust pastry blind. Let it cool.

3. Right before serving, pour the cream in the bowl of the stand mixer, start whisking slowly, then firmly after 20 seconds. When the cream starts to get thick, add the powdered sugar. Keep whisking until the cream is fluffy.

4. When the crust is cool, spread the whipped cream on the bottom, then arrange the strawberries in a spiral. Serve immediately.

Le Petit Truc (top tip):  You can make this recipe with fresh raspberries.

Pairing: Pair with champagne.

Cecile Delarue is the author of Voila! Effortless French Cookbook which is available from Amazon. Cecile is the creator of the food blog French and Parfait, where she shares her tried-and-true French recipes, as well as her tips for creating elegant French meals on the average American dime.

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