Satellite broadband for expats in France

satellite broadband in france

Fed up with slow or unreliable land line broadband? Satellite broadband is the next generation alternative and we have some amazing prices for 22Mbps satellite broadband available everywhere in France right now. There’s never been a better time for satellite broadband for expats in France…

Is your existing broadband service too slow and unreliable? Were you thinking that your only broadband option is committing to costs of a new phone line and a broadband connection? Or have you just lost your UK TV channels and would like to get reliable and free access online?

No line rental charges, low cost calls 

Fast, reliable next generation satellite broadband provides you with great value broadband and low cost calls – not to mention the savings you’ll make without the need for line rental charges.

Why go for satellite broadband in France?

satellite over earthIf you live in a rural area, satellite broadband will almost certainly be more reliable and much faster than a fixed line (ADSL) connection. Phone lines can  get damaged or suffer from corrosion. Such problems are inevitable as so much of the network is carried on poles (in towns much more network is underground). Network damage may also slow or stop your broadband connection altogether.

Internet reliability and speed is everything!

Depending on where you live in France, there are a range of options that allow you to access satellite TV channels as well.

What else do I need to know?

Getting connected to satellite broadband should be simple and straight-forward:

1. It can be much cheaper and quicker than a new landline. With rural fixed lines, it is common that additional telephone poles are needed to connect your property to the existing network and these typically cost 500€. With satellite, our installation process is much quicker – you can normally get connected within a fortnight.

2. You should be able to transfer an existing French number over.

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