Removals to France post Brexit – your questions answered

Written by on January 23, 2021 in Living in France

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Now that the UK is no longer part of the EU, many transport companies have encountered serious problems crossing from the UK into France due to additional documentation required by Customs, long queues at the ports and the impact of the COVID pandemic.

ClickMoves specialise in removals to France, and we asked their experts to update us on what changes there are in the removals process from the UK to France. They say they have been inundated with questions from worried clients too. They have put together helpful answers to the key questions and changes.

Is it even possible to relocate to France after BREXIT?

Well let’s start with the good news. Yes it is possible to move to France after BREXIT. In fact we’ve had a good number of ClickMoves trucks successfully crossing the English Chanel and making deliveries to worried clients throughout France since the start of the year. But the bad news is that we need additional documentation from our clients, and there have been inconvenient delays which has been stressful for both clients and our moving consultants.

What paperwork do I need to provide for moving to France?

Because the BREXIT deal was done so late, we had an unusual situation on January 1st when neither British nor French Customs officers really knew what documentation to ask for. It took several days for the correct paperwork to be established. As a result we are requesting clients provide the following:

Copy of their passport picture page

Detailed inventory of all the items being moved (ClickMoves will normally do this), with values in EUROS.

Proof of residence in France (a lease agreement or property purchase contract).

Attestation de Domicile (this is issued by the local Marie/townhall).

Proof that our client has been living in the UK for the past 12 months (this could be a utility bill, tax document etc).

For French clients, they will need to provide a “Certificate de Changement de residence” which will be issued by their nearest  French Embassy or Consulate.

Please note that we anticipate that the documentation requirements may change. But be assured the ClickMoves team will making sure all clients are kept up to date and advised of any change to the requirements.

Are there any import taxes and duties that I now need to pay when I move to France?

ClickMoves has been advised by French Customs that there will be no import tax, duty or VAT to pay on used household goods and personal effects, as long as those relocating have:

Lived outside of France for more than 12 months.

AND they have owned everything being imported for more than 6 months.

AND they do not sell any of these items in France.

AND they are importing their goods within 12 months of their permanent arrival in France.

Will the ongoing COVID pandemic prevent ClickMoves from making deliveries in France?

We have been able to operate as usual throughout the whole pandemic period because the UK Government gave special dispensation for removals to continue. We have a robust COVID policy and stringent measures are in place to protect our staff and clients. Our drivers and removal teams are permitted to cross into France with the required negative test result, plus documentation confirming their status as freight transport workers.

ClickMoves is an International Moving company, offering door to door removal service to and from most major cities worldwide. They specialise in high quality, affordable removal services to France. Contact them at:

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