Property Finder Service in the Var and French Riviera


Many wannabe expats are worried about the stress usually associated with finding and buying a property in France. Having to talk French and deal with complicated paperwork and bureaucracy can cause extra hassle but a new service launched now means that finding your south of France dream home just got easier…

Expat Brit Alistair Phillips has spent 30 years in France, the last 20 of them in the Var region, Provence. Having built his own home and worked for a French estate agency, he knows the difficulties facing English speaking clients and he set up SmartFinderVar to make the whole property finding/buying process in the French Riviera and Var area easier and more transparent. “Every property finder will say they are dedicated to serving their clients” says Alistair “but we add a level of trust by allowing our clients to try our service with a free initial search. A 10 minute call is all that’s needed for us to invest time on this initial search and we’re so confident we can do a great job that people will continue with us and appoint us as their agent acting on their behalf in France”.

Bastide-East-VarSmartFinderVar’s property finder system allows clients to access the whole market, not just houses on display on 3 or 4 property portals. Their advance search procedures mean search and filter options are super-efficient, returning details for properties that meet client requirements. SmartfinderVar also provide photos, video and their own objective feedback so that you view the best properties for you and don’t waste time and money travelling around viewing properties that just don’t suit.

Best of all there’s no extra cost to you because SmartFinderVar are paid by a percentage of the agency commission that is applied. You have to pay that anyway so why not maximise your buying opportunity by having the hard work of searching for the perfect property taken away.

“We all lead such busy lives” says Alistair “taking the hassle out of finding the dream of your homes is what we do here at SmartFinderVar. We have the expertise, the know-how  and the relationships that will ensure you have a smooth and stress-free home finding and buying experience – and with no cost or obligation”.

Where is the Var?

The Var is the French department that covers the western side of the French Riviera, where St Tropez is located. Inland from the coast is a large area of Provencal countryside, which unlike the area inland from Nice, is not limited by the Alps. There are some real gems in this area that Alistair knows like a local and can recommend to suit buyers needs such as “such as Ste Maxime overlooking the gulf of St Tropez.



It has a lively, chic, family atmosphere and has a stunning view facing the bay which is always busy with magnificent boats. Or Lorgues, another fabulous place, perfect for nature lovers surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, a lively, local town with easy access to the coast and Nice airport”.

What is the French Riviera?


The French Riviera or Cote d’Azur is the coastal area in the South East of France between the Italian border where you find Menton and Monaco, up to Toulon and Hyeres in the Var. “These are the limits of the Cote d’Azur for most people” advises Alistair. “This includes all the well-known resorts like Nice, Cannes, Frejus/St-Rapahel and St Tropez as well many other smaller resorts such as exquisite Eze with views to Monaco or the charming resort of Cavalière between Hyeres and St Tropez, close to the wilder beaches of the Var.”

For expert local knowledge, access to all properties for sale and a service that takes care of finding and supporting you through the buying process whatever your budget, SmartFinderVar can help you make your dream come true.

Contact the friendly, professional team at: SmartFinderVar

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