Planning to teach French? 10 top French teaching resources

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People are interested in learning French for all sorts of reasons. Some want to learn to enhance their travel experience in France. Others for fun, or maybe for work and some seek to impress with their new knowledge. Whatever the reason, the fact is – learning to speak French is a popular topic. However, finding the right resources for learning French can be challenging especially for beginners. For this reason many students prefer to enrol in an online tutoring class which is immersive and interactive.

This is good news for those who are planning to teach French! But the question is, are you ready to host your own online French class? While you may be completely fluent in French, it takes more than personal knowledge to teach someone else. There are loads of great French teaching resources to help you set up when it comes to French tutor jobs.


This platform contains free audiobooks that you can download and listen to. It’s excellent teaching material to offer to your students so they can listen and become more familiar with the language. Teaching goes beyond the limited hours of class time and extending your help by providing study materials like audiobooks is a great way to show your students that you are truly dedicated to teaching them.


You might encounter some students who may be experiencing difficulty in memorizing new French words. To help them, you could use Quizlet. This website allows online French tutors to prepare a list of new words and vocabulary and turn them into quick practice tests. You can hold online sessions with your students using Quizlet, making French teaching more immersive, fun, and interactive.

For a general list of resources, has got you covered, although not highly recommended if you already have a specific teaching material in mind that you are looking for. But for those who have just started an online tutoring career and are looking to boost online French teaching jobs, this website is very useful. A variety of resources provides ideas on how to build your lesson plans, modules and activities until you create your own material.

QC French

If you don’t have time to come up with your own tests and practice activities, QC French can help. The platform has a number of French worksheets you can download for free! They make great homework sheets as well as useful to work on together in class.


Looking to make your classes more fun and exciting? With Cortland you can host a quick and simple game with your students. Teaching French online can be challenging especially for a young audience, like pre-schoolers. You’ll find a list of French language games to play which helps students to focus and have fun at the same time.

You’ll find resources for French teachers at the intermediate level too. has articles, stories, forums and reviews. The materials in this website make a great base for work sheets and practice activities for teachers with easy to comprehend contents.

Casual conversations to increase a student’s oral language abilities are helped by making your chat topical. is an excellent resource for current events. The website curates French news articles which help your students familiarise themselves with the language, as well as with French culture.

Light Bulb Languages

Light Bulb Languages helps you to create fresh and new materials to use in French tutoring jobs. The website is regularly updated with all sorts of learning activities including PowerPoint presentations, texts, audiobooks, files, and worksheets. The materials range from beginner level to advanced.


One major challenge that students encounter is how to correctly pronounce the French words  Phonetique can help with that, though it’s better for advanced French learners and isn’t recommended for beginners.


If you are looking to start your teaching career, then a platform to conduct online French tutoring jobs is the first thing you to sort out. With Preply, not only can you find a convenient place to teach French online and get paid, but you also have access to helpful resources for French teachers. Preply has the latest French tutoring jobs available and keeps you informed of all the new trends.

An online teaching career needn’t be daunting especially when you know where to find the right resources. This hand list will help you be prepared for that perfect French tutoring job. Bonne chance!

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