Perfect French Picnic

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Create the perfect French picnic for a taste of oh la la anywhere in the world! Pack a red and white check cloth, a couple of wicker style baskets for bread and bits and pieces and some pretty dishes to serve up some yummy food which should include a baguette and French cheese at the very least!

10 dishes to include for a perfect French picnic feast

Pan Bagnat – a delicious French sandwich style from the south of France – check out our vegetarian recipe or with meat (recipe). They’re easy to make and utterly irresistible, plus perfect for sharing…

Quiche Lorraine – the cheesy tart that you can eat hot or cold is perfect for slicing and sharing. You’ll love the video recipe in our Summer 2016 magazine from French chef Cecile Delarue (free to read/download pdf and subscribe)…

Cheese – take your pick, from Camembert to Brie, there are hundreds of French cheeses to choose from…

Goats Cheese Quiche with herbs and summer vegetables – this simple dish is so tasty and easy to make, plus you can make it the day before and it tastes just as good. This recipe is from another great Chef, Daniel Galmiche who says using crumbly goats cheese instead of cows cheese as normal, really makes this a standout summer tart. (Here’s the recipe).

Summer Tomato Tart – this one takes just minutes to make and it makes your taste buds sing! (Here’s the recipe).

Baguette – spread it with paté and it doesn’t get more simple, or more French than that!

Gateaux Foulque Noire  – a very posh picnic dish that truly impresses. You’ll need to take the right dish to put it together when you ready to eat but it’s not difficult to do, just prepare the ingredients before hand – creme fraiche, caviar, chopped boiled eggs and chives, no one is going to forget how scrumptious this one is. (Here’s the recipe).

Aioli – a creamy garlic dip that’s just right for dipping vegetables in as well as perfect for barbeques… (Here’s the recipe).

French lemon meringue tart – it might take a little effort to make this dessert and this recipe has passion fruit added in for extra zing, but when you’re slicing it and enjoying the exquisite taste – you’ll be glad you made the time!

Where to picnic in Paris

Photo: A perfect French Picnic table, by French tablescape expert Dominique Rowe, author of Les Tables Imaginatives

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