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I’m sending you this newsletter from Paris! I’m here to discover some off the beaten track parts of this magnificent city, the bits visitors often miss and also to enjoy Nuit Blanche, a dusk to dawn art festival. Of course I’ll be sharing photos as I go on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Meanwhile back at home, my little black cat Hank Marvin He’s Always Starvin has made a complete recovery after suffering from a virus that almost saw him finish up his 9 lives. But poor Ginger Roger, my totally deaf ginger tom is now suffering. He went to the vets where I’m sorry to say he behaved very badly so he’s home now, on lots of medication and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him. The vet told me off (again) “six cats is too many” he says. He is of course right but I’m a sucker for the sad ones that turn up sick at the back door.

And, after several years (it feels like forever), my French farmhouse wreck is starting to look quite good with new gates and fence in the front garden after the old fence fell down in the summer. I’ve got a bit more painting to do in the kitchen extension, but it’s not easy as that’s where the cats are fed and trying to get them used to eating in a different place so they don’t jump in wet paint has been a challenge. There’s still a ton more to do but we’ll be stopping for winter and starting again in spring with a new office for me (my books and mess are outgrowing the bedroom I use as an office!) and the other half wants to build a pub in the garden!

Whatever you’ve got planned this weekend, hope it’s fun
With best wishes and bisous from Paris

Don’t miss on the website:

Boat ride on the Marais Poitevin – known as the Green Venice, this lovely watery area of the Vendée is beautifully tranquil and just right for bobbing along…

The Palais des Beaux Arts Lille – one of the biggest museums in France, it has a fabulous collection and truly innovative displays – a must-do for museum lovers….

In the footsteps of Van Gogh in Auvers-sur-Oise – the artist spent his last 70 days in this little town in Picardy, capturing its beauty and making it famous…

Win a copy of Bon Moments by artist Perry Taylor – a deliciously witty book of gorgeous drawings of rural France…

Taking your bike to France by ferry – it’s easier than you think and affordable too!

Guide to Compiegne Picardy: What to see and do in this lovely historic northern town

Why not make a delicious tarte tatin this weekend! This lush recipe was shared with us by Michelin star chef Daniel Galmiche and it’s truly scrumptious: The best tarte tatin recipe ever

A huge thank you to everyone who has shared The Good Life France Magazine Autumn issue – it’s a record breaker, the fastest downloaded issue ever! If you’ve not read it (and shared it), it’s free to read, download and subscribe and it always will be.

118 Today Contest update. Last week I held a newsletter subscriber’s only contest and thank you to everyone who entered. The lucky winner of the 118 year old French newspaper is Serena Sparkles Curran in the USA and the prize if winging its way from a tiny post office in the middle of nowhere, rural France!

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