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I missed you last week as I was gallivanting around beautiful Burgundy (above) and the gorgeous Jura region. I was visiting chateaux, staying in chateau hotels, tasting the local wines and eating too much delicious haute cuisine (there are some days when I have to pinch myself at how brilliant my job is). I’ll be telling you more about my trip in upcoming articles of course.

Meanwhile back at the ranch (or rather the farmhouse that will never be finished), the roofing work required thanks to freak storm damage, continues, much to the annoyance of my dog Frank Bruno. He likes things to be quiet and calm and all that banging about on the roof is making him very tetchy. Churchill, my friendly German pinscher loves having people around. He will quite happily go home with anyone and everyone and just wants more and more friends. Ella Fitzgerald who is the love of Frank Bruno’s life (does this sound like an episode of Soap?) is scared of her own shadow and watches the roofers toing and froing with doleful eyes from within her little house in the garden.

The cats are hiding in the wood store, the geese are indignant that there are strangers about (seriously, nothing ever happens in this village) and the chickens and ducks wouldn’t give a stuff if Father Christmas was up on the roof as long as they’re fed!

Best wishes
Bisous from France,

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