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Bonjour, coucou, bienvenue!

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know I’ve been a bit quiet this week. Unusual for me I know. I was in London where I was being interviewed for an appearance in the Financial Times. For those who don’t live in the UK, it’s a well-known newspaper with a big circulation. It was very exciting for me to meet with one of their journalists to talk about life in France, but I was really nervous and did quite a bit of homework about what I would say. But, when I got to the meeting, my head turned to jelly and I forgot all the facts and figures. Luckily, if there was an Olympic Medal for talking, I would be in with a chance and I managed to go on for hours about France, my life in France, things that expats can do to find their dream home, fit in with the neighbours etc. Well, she did ask!

Next week I’m off to Paris. I’m going to a book launch for Teatime in Paris! I am a complete cake monkey and love to take photos of cakes everywhere I go. This lovely book is perfect for me, full of delish recipes for quintessential Parisian pastries to make at home and lots of lush photos! I’ll also be meeting a couple of lovely ladies from Australia who I met through my Facebook page and who will be in Paris at the same time as me! I know some people find FB a bit irritating but it can also be quite brilliant – I’ve made so many friends that I would never have been able to meet without it.

I’m also off to Dunkerque to cheer on the arrival of the Little Ships from England, arriving in France to commemorate Operation Dynamo in 1940. If you’re coming to Dunkerque for the 5 days of events for this important anniversary, take time to check out the museums, book your restaurant table ahead if you can and make sure you have accommodation if you need it – this is going to be a hugely popular event.

As if that’s not enough, I’m also going to Boulogne-sur-Mer to check out the town and everything there is to see and do for visitors. I’m going to visit the Basilica Notre Dame church. It has the largest crypt in France, dating back to Roman times, and it has been undergoing renovation for several years before being opened to the public this May.

This weekend if you’re in France, don’t miss out on the Nuits des Musées. A brilliantly festive night when museums all over France open their doors for free entry and loads of special events. It’s also the day of St Honoré, the patron Saint of Bakers and Pastry Chefs. Pick up a St Honoré cake made in his honour! If you can’t get one, then Teatime in Paris! has a recipe for you to make at home.

Don’t forget to enter the contest to win a French language course – the draw ends on 27 May, just click here to enter!

Finally – there are 5 contests in the May/June The Good Life France Magazine – if you haven’t entered, you can’t win! We’ve got wine from Provence and some fab books to give away. Plus it’s a great read.

Wishing you all a very bon weekend
Bisous from France

This Weeks’ Top Features

Nuits des Musées: A brilliant event that takes place every year on the Saturday closest to 18 May, this year its 16th May. Thousands of museums all over France open their doors and welcome in the public for free – and lots of them also lay on special events…

Place des Vosges: A flower bed compared to gardens like the Tuileries but this elegant square in the Marais of Paris is so elegant, it makes the list of top Paris gardens…

Chardonnay  Day: May 21st is when all things Chardonnay are celebrated. Started in the US but originating in Chardonnay, France…

Foodie day trip to France: Calais and its surroundings make for a fabulous foodie outing, artisan producers, quaint but excellent markets, gourmet specialist shops and bulging supermarkets. Read what to buy and where to go on a day trip or if you’re passing through Calais…

Operation Dynamo 75th Anniversary: on 21st May, 50 Little Ships will arrive from England in commemoration of the incredible military operation that saw hundreds of thousands of soldiers rescued from Dunkerque and carried to safety with the aid of little ships from pleasure boats to fishing dinghies. They’re due to arrive in the afternoon weather permitting and 5 days of events will take place in remembrance.

St Honoré cake: 16th May is the feast day of St Honoré, patron Saint of bakers and pastry makers. In 1847 pastry chef Monsieur Chiboust of Paris created a cake in honour of St Honoré…

Win a copy of Teatime in Paris! by Jill Colonna: if you can’t buy a St Honoré cake, make one at home, there’s a recipe in this lovely Paris pastries book, have a go at winning a copy in our free draw!

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