How to pronounce French words the French Way


When it comes to speaking French as a foreigner, it can be very difficult to get those tricky pronunciations right. Many of us don’t have the time to go to lessons or we struggle to understand just how to make our mouths form the sounds in the first place. However French teacher Geri Metz’s online video lessons are like having a French teacher to yourself, showing you how to get the sounds right and helping you speak French with a “French mouth”.

Pronouncing French

Getting the hang of sounds we’re not familiar with and making them sound authentic can seem like a pipe dream. You feel you might never get it right. But, help is at hand in the form of American language expert Geri Metz. She has been teaching French for many years in schools and universities in the US as well as working on French language projects including at the renowned Sorbonne University in Paris, and she also developed and led customized tours to all parts of France for 30 years. Geri’s experience as someone who has taught French phonetics and the French language, and who has lived in France makes her uniquely qualified to understand and teach others the nuances and foibles of French pronunciation.

“Most of us, especially those of us who teach French, have an ongoing love affair with the French language. When Americans hear French natives speaking English, most of us find their accents adorable, charming, cute. Unfortunately, the reverse is not true! When we speak French with an American accent, French native speakers do not usually find it charming or cute. So American speakers of French are often embarrassed or intimidated and wish they sounded more authentic” says Geri.

Her new video course is designed to help non-French speakers, but in particular English and American speakers improve their accent to the point where they sound French. The videos go at a good pace, not too fast, not too slow and are accompanied by audio exercises read by Geri so the student can practice the principles taught, plus a video version of the exercises by a native French speaker. Geri explains how to form the words with a “French mouth”, and unlike courses that tell you to “just roll your r’s”, Geri shows you exactly how to do that. You won’t think at the end of this “I want to make that very-hard-to-make French sound but I don’t know how” that’s for sure.

Though the courses are designed for an “American mouth”, they’re relevant for English speakers everywhere. This course is unique in bringing to your attention first how you make the sounds in English and then learning how and where the French make their sounds, and you discover that “the French mouth” is totally different from the “Anglo-American mouth.”

If you want to speak French and make the words and your accent sound like they should then Geri Metz will be able to help you. These courses are especially good for expats who want to fit in and not sound foreign in their new home, and they’re great for visitors to France who want to learn how to speak French words as they should be spoken. As one of Geri’s students says “”As an ex-pat in France I struggled for ten years trying to learn the language but never felt at ease speaking because of my American accent. I had no idea how to overcome this obstacle until I discovered Geri. Her brilliant course of 8 video and audio lessons is not only the best instruction of French pronunciation techniques I’ve ever found – it is the only one. I cannot recommend her course highly enough.”

To learn more about Geri and the course, visit her website,

The video link below gives you a “flavour” of the lessons:

Check out the free lessons and find out about the courses and weekly lessons: Pronouncing French with Geri Metz

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