How to Order Coffee in France

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So, you go to France and of course you want to sit on the terrace of a café in Paris, or Lille or a lovely little town. You find the perfect little brasserie or cafe with seats spilling out onto the pavement. It’s a place to people watch and while away the time in the most French way possible. You wander over, take a seat and up comes the waiter to take your order. You want a coffee but in France, there are many different types of coffee and how you order the sort of coffee you want can define you as a traveller, an explorer, a visitor in France… or a tourist!

5 minute lesson: how to order coffee in France!

This little video explains how to get the “best services from the waiter” and adds “not only that, there are many different coffees that you may not even know about”. In this short video  she will take you through the words and phrases to use and how to say them. Don’t forget to add a “merci” and a “s’il vous plait” when you’re ordering. It’s surprising how easy it is to forget those little words when you’re concentrating hard or you’re flustered but it will really make a difference. You only have to look at the board on this café (above) in Nice to see that being polite can get you much further!


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