How to keep your Fosse Septique Sweet


Ah France… the sweet scent of croissants, fine wine, delicious cakes and soft baguettes. A place to enjoy the sun and dine al fresco or laze outdoors drinking in the fresh air… unless you have a fosse septique that lets you down.

A foul fosse problem is a common occurrence for home and gite owners in France and one that can be difficult to deal with and impossible to live with.

How to make your fosse fragrant

It’s not difficult to make sure your fosse doesn’t “hum in the sun” – simply insert a specially designed McBerns odour filter, one that can quickly and easily be fitted by you (no specialist help required) and that is highly effective from the word go. The long lasting filters get to grips with pongs immediately and provide constant odour control. Make sure your gite smells sweet: If you’re a gite owner – that will mean happy customers, a whiffy fosse will get you bad reviews (just look on Trip Advisor to get the picture) and you can be sure that will affect future rentals.

How does a McBerns odour filter work?

Many people change their filter on an annual basis, it’s not an expensive item, it’s easy to install and requires no specialist knowledge or power source. A fosse will come with a “vent stack” a pole that sticks out of the ground and allows for odours and gas to escape, it’s a normal part of the process, and it’s this that can cause unpleasantness. A McBerns odour filter cartridge is simply fitted inside the stack and it doesn’t matter what size your stack is because inexpensive adapters are available in French plumbing stores if need be.

Ecologically friendly, the cartridges can be disposed of in landfill safely, there’s no fuss, no mess and they’re guaranteed to work.

Find out more – check out the Perrigo website (they’re the sole distributors in Europe of this superior filter)  for more information and to buy an effective Mcberns odour filter for your fosse septique and enjoy a sweet smelling summer!

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