How to find the perfect holiday apartment in Paris

Written by on November 14, 2017 in Paris, Renting a House in France

View of the perfect holiday apartment in Paris, with a balcony in a stunning building

When you visit Paris, where you stay is an important part of the journey. Staying in an apartment really enhances the whole Paris experience enabling you to live more like a local than a visitor.

Why rent an apartment in Paris?

Whether you’re solo, a couple, friends or a family, renting an apartment can give you a whole load more options than renting a hotel room.

Cost: It’s usually much more cost-effective to stay in an apartment in Paris. You can rent one a one bedroom apartment, two bedroom or more and share.

If you’re planning a long term stay, you’ll almost certainly be able to make savings by renting an apartment.

Freedom: If you’re in Paris for a week or more – you might value being able to cook your own breakfast, lunch or dinner once in a while instead of going out all the time. And, shopping at a fabulous street market is a brilliant experience in itself.

For families it means you can put kids to bed when they’re tired and then still enjoy the rest of the night without turning the lights off and keeping quiet in the hotel room so as not to wake them up! Maybe you’ll sit on the terrace looking out over the rooftops of Paris, or plan the next day’s itinerary, enjoy a take away meal or cook something that you got at the market earlier. Or maybe you’ll pop their clothes in the apartment washing machine – it might not be glamorous but with kids, it’s definitely a plus!

Local life: There’s not much that beats getting up early and heading off to join the queue at your local boulangerie to buy freshly baked croissants to take back to your apartment – it really does feel like you’re a local when you do that! And – you’re never far from a brilliant boulangerie in Paris.

Bring home a bunch of flowers, some fresh fruit, a fabulous scented candle to personalise “your home” in Paris.

Where can I rent a holiday apartment in Paris

interior of a lovely paris apartment

Paris Attitude specialise in short and long term furnished rentals. With more than 6000 apartments in Paris for rent, you’ll definitely be able to find “the one”. Whether it’s a studio apartment for one or two, something for the whole family or a group of friends, a luxurious loft or a townhouse, their massive range means you have an enormous choice in all neighbourhoods from the Louvre to the Champs-Elysées.

They’ve been helping people find the perfect apartments to rent in Paris for 15 years and have English speaking staff to help you. They’ll assist with the paperwork, the location search and provide a personalised service to make your search easy. Whether its for a week, a month, a year or longer – they’re the go to team in Paris for your short term, long term or luxury Paris rental.

The search criteria online make it easy for you to search by budget, location, number of rooms, property type and even if you want a balcony or terrace. I found at least 5 apartments within minutes that I knew I’d love, in fact I’m planning to spend a month in Paris next year and when I do, part of my dream trip is sorting out an apartment and I can’t wait to get searching with Paris Attitude.

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