How much income do I need to live in France

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It’s a question that often comes up: “how much income do I need to be able to move to France?”

We asked Jennie Poate, a qualified financial advisor in France and the UK to explain about the requirements of an income test for moving to France…

Establishing residency in France

When I first became an advisor in France more than ten years ago, the single most important criteria for those moving to France was protecting capital due to the different inheritance rules here. Almost exclusively our clients were of a certain age and retiring to live their dream in France.

How times have changed! Our clients are now more diverse and age ranges include those moving for work or setting up their own businesses.

Brexit has had a huge impact. Many people are bringing forward their dream move so that they can meet the residency criteria that will be place from 2021. There is still doubt and uncertainty for sure. The ability to move freely throughout Europe and live where we like, will, in the future, be subject to a new set of rules British citizens.

Is there an income test for moving to France?

There will be an ability to apply for the long stay residency visa from July online, known as the ‘carte de séjour’. It’s hoped that this system will remove the need for onerous paperwork and numerous appointments at your local prefecture.

The current minimum income criteria (2020) is listed below:

Minimum Income Criteria per month (amounts valid as of April 1, 2020)

No. children/dependants*           Living alone        Living as a couple

0                                                             €564.78               €847.17

1                                                             €847.17                €1016.60

2                                                             €1016.60             €1186.03

Per child/dependant                          €225.91               €225.91

Over the age of 65                              €903.20                €1,402.22

Information taken from the website 01/1/06/20. You can see more details on teh french droit-finances website:

*Person living in your care.

Common questions about the income test for living in France

The questions we are receiving at the moment are as follows:

Is offshore property rental income allowable as part of your income?

Yes, our current understanding is that most forms of regular income are allowable including pension, salaries and rental income.

We will be living off our savings until we retire or set up our business. Will this be taken into account?

Ah, well here is the tricky bit. Drawing directly off savings or capital does appear to a sticking point currently as it’s not considered to be regular income.

What can you do?

One thing you can do is source a suitable home for your capital and set up a regular income plan that will help you meet the criteria listed above. It doesn’t have to be in euros. So, if you prefer to keep your funds in sterling or dollars that’s allowable. This action will also meet the strict taxation criteria set down by the French tax authorities so that you won’t get any nasty surprises later on tax wise.

If you would like further details or to have a confidential discussion about your own personal situation free of charge and without obligation, Jennie and her team would be delighted to help you.

Jennie can be contacted at: jennie @; for information and factsheets.

The information on these pages based on current regulations is intended only as an introduction only and is not designed to offer solutions or advice. Beacon Global Wealth Management can accept no responsibility whatsoever for losses incurred by acting on the information on this page.

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