Hearing Aids France, an English language service in France

Written by on February 26, 2018 in Healthcare

Hearing Aids France in the southwest of France, is an English language service for expats requiring hearing tests or hearing aids.

The company is run by Paul Vanderstay, an expat Brit who was a hearing specialist for 40 years in the UK. On moving to France he realised that many expats would benefit from being able to have a hearing test in their native language.

“If you’re chatting to someone over lunch and struggling to hear what people are saying, you might need a hearing test” says Paul. “Living in France can be very isolating if you don’t speak French – and even more so if you can’t hear properly. Learning the language will most certainly have extra challenges if you have even a little bit of hearing loss”.

Of course, if you can’t speak French then undertaking a hearing test with a French audiologist can simply add to the stress.

English speaking hearing aid test in France

If you live in department of Hautes-Pyrénées then Paul will be happy to make a home visit to offer his services, conduct hearing tests and fit hearing aids. Alternatively, you can visit his office for full support.

Paul is offering a free consultation and advice on the different hearing aid devices available. He can also help by phone.

Many expats travel back to the UK for help with their hearing problems but for those in the south west area of France, a trip to Paul’s office in Astugue, close to Lourdes could be much quicker and easier.

For those a bit further afield in France, Hearing Aids France can help with the repair and maintenance of hearing aids (by post).

Hearing Aids France can offer the most innovative products in the market. The Aids are fully reprogrammable, meaning if and as hearing deteriorates, which is common as you get older, they can be adjusted to suit. Full after care service is available and should you require specialist care, Paul can refer you on.

Details from the Hearing Aids France website hearingaidsfrance.com

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