Happy New Year from France…

Written by on January 5, 2020 in Newsletter from France

Snow-covered village in the French Alps


Hope you had a great Christmas!

Here, my animals were spoiled. The dogs got chews, the cats got toys and the chickens and ducks got treats. Everyone got a bit more chat and cuddle time on Christmas Day including Ronnie and Reggie, AKA the Kray cockerels. These beautiful brothers are inseparable and strut around the garden all day and gang up on the rest of the chickens. They nick the cats food and chase the dogs. They fly up into the wild birds food trays and scoff their seeds, and crow from the early hours of the morning to dead of night. And, they sit on the wall outside the kitchen waiting for me every morning (you can see them here on Instagram) and peck at the door of the pigsty for attention when I’m working. You’ve got to love attention seeking cockerels don’t you!

In my village the major excitement at Christmas was the announcement that a food truck will visit one night a week. There are no bars or shops here, supermarket and takeaway deliveries are non-existent. It’s not really the 21st century where I am. There is no mobile phone signal and the internet speed is set permanently to crawl status. Most of the time I love it like this, it’s a very gentle way of life until you have to do banking and run a mile up a hill waving your mobile around trying to get a code!

As we start the new year I wish you all happiness, good health and joy.

And for those in Australia, I wish rain and an end to the devastating fires that are raging.

bisous from France…

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