Five Minute French Lesson | French Slang Phrases!

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Géraldine Lepère, French language and lifestyle expert at Comme Une Francaise tells how to really impress French people by using every day colloquial expressions that French people use… real French slang phrases  to pepper your conversations with. We guarantee you’ll impress with these few words and phrases which take no time at all to learn!

Want to learn some useful French expressions, words and slang that you probably don’t cover in French class?

In this a 3 and a half minute lesson about colloquial, everyday terms you’ll hear in France.  Sprinkle these phrases into your conversations and you’ll definitely raise the eyebrows of your French friends and sound more fluent. It will make you smile to yourself when you hear Frenchies use these words like Ca Roule Ma Poule!  – which means “Okay chick!”…

These are simple phrases to insert into every day French conversations for your holiday, business or just for fun and you might be astonished at the effect they have on your French friends!

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