Fantastic French Immersion Courses in Provence


What could be more special and memorable than learning French on a truly exceptional  immersion course where you stay with a French teacher and their family in their home in lovely Provence. Aix en Provence, Isle sur la Sorgue and Fontaine de Vaucluse – the names trip off your tongue to conjure up images of the most beautiful of Provence’s towns. Now you have the opportunity to live the Provencal life in one of these legendary places like a local, enjoying the food, discovering secret places – and learning French at the same time.

French immersion courses in Provence and the South of France

Celtina Masardo is a woman with a passion for teaching French and her company is composed of teachers who love to help foreign students learn French – most live in Provence but there are also courses in Burgundy and in Saint Laurent du Var, a beautiful area near Nice.

“I was teaching French for foreigners for more than 10 years in schools in Lyon and Switzerland but I wanted to offer more authentic, intensive stays that are different to other learning centres”.

In 2012 Celtina set up SLImmersion Provence and as her courses became known and very popular due to the success with students, she expanded with  the help of local teachers, passionate about their region and the French language. As a student, you stay with the teacher and family in their home. You still take classes because that’s an important part of learning but you get to practice your French in a real life environment.


There are loads of opportunities to visit the most beautiful villages of Provence, the legendary markets, museums and vineyards, to go wine tasting and discover the real Provence. But this time it’s with the help of a local, someone who knows the area, its people and its culture. You’ll get to know Provence while learning French, in a way you never thought possible as a visitor.

“SLImmersion Provence is a high quality stay with total immersion. Students come back one, two, three times to learn in a unique and authentic environment. Our teachers offer personalized lessons that are adapted to each need and aim. All of our teachers are professionally qualified and highly experienced in teaching French as a foreign language. We want you to have the best stay at teacher’s home and on our French courses.


“Learning French with an immersion homestay chez the teacher is the most effective way to learn and to discover the authentic culture. The locals open their homes and share the secrets of their village, gastronomy, and heritage. It is a wonderful exchange. We share a lot. And the student is immersed in the language 24h/7” says Celtina.

Every stay is adapted to suit the needs of the visitor. Every stay is tailor-made and students can choose how many formal lessons to undertake (from 5-30 a week) on an individual or group basis (usually no more than 4 people). The teachers are able to adjust the pace of learning as you go through the days, to focus on areas that need improvement and be specific where you need help. But the lessons don’t end when the bell goes here! You carry on learning, chatting over lunch, walking round a market talking to the vendors, in the boulangerie buying delicious croissants for breakfast or ordering a glass of wine in a café. This is how you learn to speak real French and practice until you feel confident. As one student puts it “I was a complete beginner but somehow I covered SO much material. It has been totally unbelievable. I learned at least the same as I would have in one year at University!”

Go as an individual, with your family and friends or as a group, at the end of your stay, you will most certainly have made new friends and you’ll be amazed at the incredible difference it makes to your French!

Find out more and take a course that suits your individual requirements by contacting Celtina at SLImmersion Provence

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