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expat dating site in franceKatie May is an expat living in the Provence area of France. Home is shared with her dog and “three orphan kittens, which is two more than I need. Sweet as they are, they cause furry havoc in my home and garden”.

Katie and her husband moved to Provence almost a decade ago and tells usI love everything about Provence, it’s heaven and I’m so lucky to live here. But thing’s never remain the same and sadly I lost my husband a few years ago and found myself a widow. That was a difficult period and despite all the kindness and help from my close and supportive friends, I felt very alone.”

Like so many people living here in France who do find themselves alone for one reason or another, she eventually thought about how it may be possible to meet someone new. ‘I joined a few French dating sites and met some very nice people. But I would have liked the chance to meet other English speakers too and it just didn’t seem possible. There wasn’t a site like that.”

She discussed it with friends living in France and discovered that they felt the same. Most expats integrate well in France but the choice to date and meet other expats was missing. It wasn’t just the language barrier – “it was also wanting to meet others with the same backgrounds, history, traditions and heritage. The silly jokes and humour that is so much easier in a shared language. Also the trials and tribulations in making the move to France, which was something else we all had in common.”

Katie researched the issue and found that it was not unusual for expats to return to their home countries due to loneliness, because they felt that being single in France could mean remaining alone for a very long time. She continued researching the problem and decided to set up an expat dating and friendship site in France and says she thought that it would appeal to those around her own age group of 50 and 60 year olds because there appeared to be so many retired people in France. But when she set up the site and invited people to register she was surprised to find that the idea appealed to people of all ages “I was surprised to discover that there is no predominant age group of English speaking people living in France”.

The site is as much about making friends and opening up your social life as it is about dating and meeting a partner. There is a ‘friends’ option. Often expats have “similar experiences and problems, it really helps to share these with friends who understand the joys and difficulties of living here…”

Katie says that the site has been a “complex business to set up – having an interactive site where people can join, upload photos and profiles, send messages, make searches, see who’s around, who’s visited and what’s going on – has not been easy. Especially as I wanted a ‘tailor made’ site, which had to be constructed from scratch and also have the inbuilt ability to grow and change, monitore and manage. So it’s now a full time job and there is a team of us involved to keep it all going.”

If you’d like to make new friends in France, or if you’re hoping to meet someone special in France, take a look at www.expatdatingfrance.com and take a free trial.

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