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Do Something for You This Valentine’s Day:  Join Expatdatingfrance.com

“It’s almost Valentine’s Day. The idea of spending it alone is more than a little depressing.  I’ve been thinking about joining an internet dating site for a while, but just can’t bring myself to do it.  There are so many options, I’m not sure if it’s safe, and I don’t know who would be interested in my profile.  But it’s almost Valentine’s Day and I really want to spark something new in my life.”

If this sounds like your own inner dialogue, then read on.

In our experience, there are a lot of fears and misperceptions surrounding online dating. This is the dilemma that so many people face.  You’re curious, excited about the possibilities, but nervous about putting yourself out there or putting yourself in a vulnerable situation. We’re here to help put those fears behind you and join a community of like-minded expats in a safe and fun environment.

Are Other Expats Really Doing This?

The short answer is yes! Just ask around and you’ll hear stories of people who are doing it or who have friends with success stories. The more we shift to an internet culture, the more people are joining online dating sites and the less taboo it’s becoming. In fact, one study reveals that of 35% of participating couples who were married between 2005 and 2012 met online (Cacioppo et al., 2013)!

How Safe is it?

Online dating is no more or less safe than most other things in life. Unless you’re going out with someone that you’ve known for a long time, online dating is about the same as meeting someone in a bar, or even being fixed up with someone by a friend.  

By choosing a reliable online dating community, like expat dating France, you’re assured that people have been vetted and verified.  Talking with people online for a while allows you to get to know them better before meeting in person. It’s true that some people lie online, but this isn’t true of all online daters, and it certainly something that’s limited to the online world. There are plenty of people out there, like you, who are sincerely interested in meeting real people, being honest, and making true connections.

When you’re online, take some basic safety precautions.  Don’t give out personal contact information until you’re ready, meet up in a public place, and have a friend check in on you by text after a couple of hours. Simple steps like these go a long way to keeping the experience safe and fun.

What should I say in my profile? 

Don’t overthink it.  Share who you are. You’ll be surprised how well others respond to genuine profiles. Choose a great picture that shows you doing something you love and that’s clear enough to get a good sense of what you look like. You’ll also get great ideas about what works and what doesn’t when you start reading others profiles.  

How Can Expat Dating France Help Me Find Romance?

Joining an online community gives you instant access to tons of people with a wide variety of interests.  You’ll have so many options and opportunities for dating and for creating friendships. With online dating, you can find people with your same interests or people who can expand your horizons and experiences.

Another great plus is that, unlike other online social networks, everyone here is single and interested in dating. This removes the anxiety about not knowing someone’s relationship status or if what they’re looking for. If you’re shy, having the chance to read profiles and get comfortable before taking action is a real bonus. It’s also easier to initially approach people online, easier to open up, and to relax faster.

If you’re looking for the high that comes from meeting someone new, want to expand your English-speaking expat circle, or want true romance in your life, online dating is a perfect place to begin. With Expat Dating France, you can create your online profile for free. Spend time crafting the perfect first impression and join the community when you feel ready to chat with other members.

We screen our member’s profiles so you’re assured that everyone is a genuine expat.  We also pride ourselves on providing great and personalised customer service to our members.  Behind Expat Dating is a small, friendly team of highly experienced British professionals, dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable stay on this site.

This Valentine’s Day do something for yourself and join us at Expat Dating France.  We’re positive you’ll be glad you did.

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