Eight Months in Provence by Diane Covington-Carter

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American Diane Covington-Carter was obsessed with France. She had spent her youth listening to her father’s wartime tales, studying French, and saving every spare penny to go there on her junior year abroad when she finished school. Alas this was not to be, and instead she found herself becoming a young married mother. However, two children later Diane’s love of France had not diminished. Therefore at the age of 50 she decided to rent out her home, and set off on an eight month French adventure.

Arriving in Paris on a chilly November day, the author drank in the sights and sounds of this wonderful city before finding somewhere to stay. Not for her the high class hotels, instead she found herself sleeping in dorms to save money. The magic and atmosphere of Paris captured her heart, and for a while she considered staying there. However, deep within her soul she knew she was destined for the wonderful ancient spa town of Aix-en-Provence, France.

The years fell off her as immersing herself into the French way of life, she embraced everything French. Resolute, hopeful and strong in spirit she looked forward to the months ahead, and if she ever doubted herself she reminded herself of the motto she had taken as her own, ‘believe in yourself.’

Despite arriving in winter, the charms of Aix-en-Provence wove their way into her soul. She set up home in a cosy apartment in Aix centre ville. Joining an American expat group, and meeting new people all the time, her circle of friends rapidly grew. Life was good, and in the New Year she enjoyed exploring France and sharing it with her family who visited her from America.

In following her dream, the author found peace. Away from the madding crowds she had time to discover herself and fit together the missing pieces of the puzzle which was her life. However, all too soon it was time to return to her life in America and the family she had left behind, but the magic of France and the person she had discovered in herself will stay with her forever…

It’s a book that’s written from the heart, a charming tale that’s easy to read. An inspiring “it’s never too late”, feel good memoir that will sweep you along on the author’s journey as she finds herself in the France of her dreams.

Whether you love France and its people, are looking for a good story, dream of moving or holidaying in France, then this is the book for you. Whatever your age and wherever you come from, within the pages of this book you will truly be inspired to follow your dream – whatever it may be. Beware though, this book will make you want to go and live in Provence!

Available from Amazon: Eight Months in Provence

Diane Covington-Carter is the author of Finding Gilbert, A Promise Fulfilled and Eight Months in Provence, A Junior Year Abroad Thirty Years Late, find out more at www.dianecovingtoncarter.com

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