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White stone castle with grey slate roof and pointy towers surrounded by blooming colourful flowers

When I was a little girl, I had an idea of what a fairy tale castle would like. It would have towers and turrets and pointy bits. My dream chateau would have grand doors and huge rooms for dancing and partying. It would be filled with flowers. And it would have the most beautiful gardens where you could wander but not quite get lost.

Grand, wide avenue of loose stones lined with tall majestic trees leading to a castle

When I walked through the gates of the Chateau de Chenonceau and along an enormous avenue lined with trees whose leafy canopies filtered the sunlight to create an aura of gold and green – I was whizzed back to my childhood castle of  my dreams. There in front of me was my fairy tale castle… graceful and elegant, white stones and a slate roof, Renaissance symmetry at its best.

The history of the Chateau de Chenonceau

Chenonceau is the second most visited chateau in France after Versailles. There’s a reason for that – it’s stunningly beautiful and it’s where Kings, Queens and mistresses lived and partied, it is beautifully furnished and its history is second to none… read more about Chenonceau

The gardens

Verdant lawns, stone urns filled with blooming flowers, small trees and topiary, formal garden style with low hedges

Diane de Poitiers once lived and loved here. Her lover was a powerful king, Henri II – smitten by her beauty which was partly it was claimed, due to her habit of bathing in the river Cher at the chateau. She commissioned a bridge across the river which Henry paid for by sticking a tax on church bells!

Diane also consumed liquid gold, believing it gave her a glowing complexion. That’s possibly true – but it also made her teeth fall out. She had false gnashers made from animals bones and sewn into her gums. Diane loved the gardens here…

man weeding flower beds in a formal garden, a castle in the background, rain pouring

When Diane’s lover died, his wife Catherine de Medici who bitterly resented her rival (and cousin) made the chateau her own. She added two storeys on the bridge making it even more gorgeous. She also created new gardens and held magnificent parties, including having young girls disguised as mermaids in the moats to greet visitors. Going to her one her soirees must have been incredible.

The gardens today are split into two sections – Diane’s and Catherine’s. They are magnificent.

Read more about the gardens and the vegetable plot at Chenonceau.

The flowers in the rooms

Bouquets of flowers in colours of pink and green

There are lovely tapestries from the 16th century, paintings and furniture, sculptures and objets d’art. There are centuries of graffiti left behind including scribbles dated 1543 left by the guards serving Mary Stuart – she married Francis, the son of Henri II in 1560. The Long Gallery which runs along the bridge is dazzling with its black and white checkered tile floor.

Long gallery with black and white tiled, checked floor, chandeliers hang from the ceiling

But what everyone remembers most is the flowers. The floristry team at the chateau is led by a master of the floral arts (above mid photo) and every room is decorated with flowers – they are exquisite. Read more about the flower master of Chenonceau….

The kitchens

Antique furniture and copper pans, tables covered with floral bouquets

I must confess, a kitchen did not feature in my dreams as a kid, but if it had, Chenonceau’s fabulous cuisine would fit the bill! Copper pans vie for attention with potted plants and seasonal vegetables. It’s here more than anywhere, that I felt a connection to the past and could imagine the life of the chateau, grand banquets being prepared…

A vegetable plot fit for a king

Rows of vegetables growing with lines of flowers in between

As if those gorgeous gardens weren’t enough, there’s a vegetable plot fit for a king. Utterly exquisite in it’s layout and filled with flowers to complement the veg, it’s one of the most magical vegetable gardens I’ve ever seen.

Ravishing restaurant

Cheese board decorated with fresh flowers and cherries, glass of champagne, bubbles rising, and a small cake covered in cherries

I never considered that fairies would eat however, if they did, the Orangerie restaurant at Chenonceau would surely be their favourite. I have never seen a more beautiful cheese tray. (check opening times on website as the restaurant is closed in winter months).

More on the castles of the Loire Valley

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Fairy tale castle of Rivau with its enchanted gardens

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