Boutique wines from France – available in the USA

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People clinking glasses of wine together in celebration is a wine club which brings you boutique wines from France that you won’t find in supermarkets – authentic, delicious and unique.

Wine has been called “artwork you can drink” and when it comes to the French wines chosen by Laurent Yung of you’ll discover exactly what that means. Using his knowledge and savoir-faire born of five generations of wine makers in France, Laurent and his family’s talent for seeking out unique and delectable wines is what makes this wine club different.

How to choose the best French Wines

Bottle of wine and two glasses in a vineyard

The SomMailier team focus on discovering and meeting small wine producing companies, tasting their wines and picking the best of them to make available to members. These wines are also provided to some of the most legendary outlets in Paris including Fouquets and luxury hotels who want something special for their guests. With more than 27,000 vineyards spread over 11 major wine regions, over 200 wine varieties and 307 wine designations – finding the bottles that will make you go wow when you sip a fresh white, a robust red, the most delicious rosé, is a skill that is developed over years and years, handed down through generations.

“Terroir is critical” says Laurent. “What does terroir mean? You could say it’s a sense of the place where the grapes are grown that give a taste to the wine. In tangible terms, it’s climate, soil conditions and terrain. In wine regions like Burgundy and Bordeaux where there is huge variety in terms of landscapes and soils, individual vineyards can have their own unique terroir – that’s completely different from the vineyard next door!”

But when it comes to French wines, there’s much more to consider, especially, as Laurent calls it: the human factor such as passion for making wine, and traditions – both old and new. For instance “in Burgundy winemakers prefer to use stainless steel tanks instead of oak barrels to avoid overwhelming the wine with oaky, vanilla bomb flavors. Interestingly, winemakers all over the world have started adopting this approach, and now it is becoming part of the “terroir” in other regions as well”.

A wine club that’s different

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SomMailier Wine Club delivers exclusive French wines to your home together with tasting notes and details about the vineyards and producers. You choose the membership that suits you – three bottles every three months, either red or white or mixed. Or for true fans of French wines six bottles every three months. And, if you fall in love with the wine and want more you can buy it from the online store at a discounted price.

Membership of the SomMailier wine club can be for as long as you like – just one shipment or for much longer (there’s a discount for longer terms).

It might surprise you to know that membership is much less expensive than many wine clubs despite the first-rate wines that you simply can’t get anywhere else in the US. And, it makes for a great gift – guaranteed to please the lucky recipient.

Find out more at and join the club at: Get a special introductory offer of 25% off your first order. Just use the code TGLF2019 on the check out page…

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