Bon weekend from summery France

Written by on July 7, 2019 in Newsletter from France

Field of lavender in Provence in summer as the sun rises


Hope you had a great week.

Chez moi, I managed to fall off the doorstep in the back garden and sprain my ankle. To make matters worse I landed in a big dollop of duck poo left by Rambo the reluctant duck (he refuses to stay in the pen with the other boys, he is a total diva and struts about the garden like he owns it). I clearly have inherited none of my grandma’s genes – she was a trapeze artist in an Italian circus as a young girl, I on the other hand can fall off a street kerb with ease.

When Jean-Claude arrived this week looking for missing chickens (a regular occurrence, chickens escaping here in the middle of nowhere rural northern France) I hopped round the garden as he thought they might be hiding in amongst my ginormous weeds. No luck with that but at least he was entertained by my lop-sidedness combined with squeals from battling with stinging nettles. I tell myself it’s for the bees but really I have lost control of the garden this year!

If you’re planning to take a summer holiday in France, don’t forget to check the website where there are almost 4000 pages of ideas for what to see and do all over France, guides, reviews, language tips and heaps more. Almost every day there’s a new article on the site so if you’re looking for inspiration – I hope I can help you there!

Meanwhile on Facebook I’ve started a new theme “Daily Photo of the Day” it’s aimed to inspire or simply make your morning coffee sweeter. If there’s somewhere you’d like me to feature, drop a comment on the daily photo post and I’ll do my best to make you smile!

Wishing you a very bon weekend,
Bisous from France

Photo: The abbaye de Senanque, Provence at sunrise in summer…

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