Bon weekend from a chicken mum in France…

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Hope you had a great week.

Here it’s definitely feeling like winter is on the way, chilly nights, frosty mornings and cats that want to be laying in front of the wood fire in the house all day and all night.

I love the turn in the weather in many ways though carrying buckets of water down to the chicken pens every day is not my favourite thing. And, talking of chickens, we have two in the house at the moment. I think I told you that about three weeks ago, Joan Crawford hatched three little chicks which she promptly booted out of the coop and then went back to nesting on four remaining eggs.

We took the little ones in, put them in a cage with a heat lamp, water and food and they seemed to thrive. But sadly the next day it was clear the two smallest weren’t going to make it. Mark (my other half) held them gently and we talked to them until they went. It’s not easy being a chicken parent sometimes, it breaks our hearts to lose the little ones. But this time of the year, it’s really not the right time to be hatching chickens, so there’s always more risk.

The remaining chick was fit as a fiddle but he was lonely and called for us all the time. We put a mirror in the cage and he squeaked at it and started sleeping in front of it and tweeting to it every day. We called him Lucky.

A week later, Joan Crawford hatched another egg. A tiny little chick with black fur and a red head – which I’ve never seen before. We popped it in with Lucky and hoped that he would play nice. He did even better, he literally took Gina, as we call her, under his wing. She follows him everywhere, they play fight, eat together and generally are completely bonded.

When I’m not being a chicken mum, I’m busy writing and there’s loads of new features on the website. Lots coming up about Christmas which, can you believe, is just 8 weeks away!

I’m always happy to have suggestions for articles whether it’s for something practical (from financial information to where to look for a house) or somewhere you’d like to visit, learning French, history etc. So if you’ve got any ideas for what you’d like to see on the website, or if you’d like to contribute a guest post, perhaps about somewhere you visited and you’d love to share your experience, feel free to drop me a line (just click reply or use the contact form on the website).

Wherever you are, whatever you have planned, I wish you a very bon weekend…

Best wishes and bisous from France…
Author of My Good Life in France: In Pursuit of the Rural Dream | In Pursuit of the Rural Dream

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