My French Life: This Mould Love of mine

Written by on February 28, 2013 in My French Life

Giant Jelly Mould

There’s something about cake moulds and jelly moulds that I just love.

I think my favourite ever mould was in the home of the artisan confituriers in northern France. I was interviewing this lovely couple – the jam makers, we were in their kitchen and my eyes fell upon the biggest and most beautiful antique jelly mould I’ve ever seen (above). I have two like it but much much smaller!

I’ve always really liked the copper jelly moulds that can be seen in the kitchens of stately homes. I don’t mean when I’m staying in one for the weekend, I mean when I do a tourist visit in case you’re wondering!

Jelly Moulds

I also like the china ones of the early 20th century, the chunky off white coloured ones, sometimes with some obscure text on them. It’s important that they’re second-hand; I like to think how someone once might have made strawberry jelly in them for a party, or a lovely summer pudding.

Cake Moulds, France

My favourite cake moulds were in Ribeavillé in Alsace. In a gorgeous little boulangerie there, the moulds were displayed on the wall in an eye catching and stunning arrangement.

I also saw lots in a macaron store in Riquewirh in Alsace.

Jelly moulds France

Whenever I go to brocantes, marchés au puces or antiques shops wherever I am in France I look out for moulds but I’ve not seen a single one yet. It doesn’t matter, I’m not in a rush, and the thought of finding one is almost as nice as actually finding one.

A bientôt



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