My French Life: Pig Squealing Champion Crowned in France

Written by on March 1, 2013 in My French Life

Pigs, France

I live in France and I pretty much love most things about France – there are some things I don’t enjoy so much like dog poo on the pavements, taxes and a few other things but on the whole living here is a joy for me – so much culture, heritage and passion.

Which leads me nicely to the subject of passion in all its many forms.

The grand and illustrious International Agricultural Show is held annually in Paris – this year it celebrates its 50th anniversary.

It attracts key players from the agricultural industry not only from France but from around the world… it also attracts some people who are very passionate about things that are a little more unusual.

For instance – people who imitate pigs – and I’m not telling porkies here!

There is a competition each year where entrants imporksonate pigs… amorous pigs, suckling pigs and pigs on their way to pig heaven. The enthusiastic competitors dress up as pigs, make pig noises and carry out pig impersonations with props like little toy pigs at times.

I was surprised to find this isn’t a one off – there is also a festival held in Trie-sur-Baïse, in south-west France called La Pourcailhade – La Fete du Cochon or Festival of the Pig. This celebrates everything porkiful from races, gastronomy and “Le Championnat de France du Cri de Cochon” – French Pig-Squealing Championships.

I can’t say at all that I’m tempted to take part but I love the eccentricity of it all.

A bientôt


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