Learning French with the Reluctant Learner (Week Three)

Written by on February 26, 2013 in Learn French

Learning French

Since my last post I have been undertaking my French studies with renewed vigour – perhaps the approaching printemps (spring) is spurring me on, anyway I have now completed lesson 8.

I found myself in conversation with my neighbour last week – never an easy thing as he tends to sprinkle it liberally with ch’ti slang.

However, to my amazement I was able to follow his dismay at how cold it is and how the snow is  coming back and his remarks about the dog next door who keeps pulling rubbish from the bin bags.

I have my doubts about his theory since I’ve seen his chickens doing a pretty good job of destroying the bags and scattering the content all over the road – still we all have to moan about something and though we Brits hold many awards in that league, I find my French neighbours are fairly good at it too. Previous conversations with this particular neighbour have generally consisted of lengthy tirades on many subjects ranging from the Government to dog poo. I sit scanning his face keenly trying to recognise signs of when I should say “oui”, “non”, laugh or, my usual ploy, pull a Gallic shrug.

Somehow I have muddled through and we have reached agreement in every subject – it has been this way for several years.

Imagine his shock then when last week when he heard me speaking French words of agreement and added in French of course – perhaps the chat (cat) or the poules (chickens) may have helped the chien (dog)– whatever,  it is domage (a shame) to see the rubbish in the rue.

I couldn’t help smiling as I wandered off – I think the lessons are working…

The Reluctant Learner is following the Learn with Alexa online French course.

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