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frantastique french lessons

If you’re looking for a fun way to learn French fast with an interactive course you can do online, one that will keep you interested and engaged so you actually want to do it, then Frantastique is just perfect.

French online lessons with Frantastique

Sometimes you have to learn French, sometimes you want to learn French for fun. But whichever side you’re on, the chances are you don’t have much time to spend on studying and you want to know that you’re progressing – but at your own pace.

I’m one of those that has to learn French, but time spent online needs to suit me,  whether that’s first thing in the morning, last thing at night or even on a train going to work.

I don’t find learning French that easy so I need something that keeps me interested and engaged to keep me going and if you’re like me than Frantastique is going to suit you down to the ground because it’s fun and attention-grabbing and it actually made me look forward to the next lesson. That’s a first!

Interactive Programmes and Fun Lessons

frantastique french lessons online

The programme is really interactive, likeable and appealing. Your “teacher” online is a cartoon character of famous French author Victor Hugo, who appears naked but with a long beard to cover his modesty. He pops up from time to time with information and questions for you and appears in videos accompanied by teaching assistants in the form of two aliens. Yes, it does sound odd but it works, it’s different but very motivational.

Lessons are daily and take around 10 minutes plus 5 minutes to read your personalised report. They’re not so long that you get bored and give up and just about everyone can find 15 minutes a day to practice either on a tablet, phone or PC.

To start with you’ll undertake seven lessons online and there are lots of ways the training keeps you fully absorbed and motivated – from multiple choice questions, written answers, snippets of videos and audio, interesting facts and a good dollop of humour.

These lessons require you to participate and you really do have to think about what you’re doing. That’s a good thing because if you’re not engaged, you’re wasting your time.

How the Lessons Suit Individuals

As you undertake the lesson you’re offered the opportunity to review specific words and phrases again, you can opt to add them to your own personal revision list for future lessons. This means that you really get the chance to make sure you understand and you can direct where you need to practice more.

The lessons are in French but you can click a button to view the English language version of questions. I found this really helped me and I got used to not clicking the English button first and tried to get the French but it was good to check I’d understood correctly.

It’s a very advanced system, you can even programme days off, for instance if you’re on holiday, so that the lessons halt until you’re ready to resume and you pick the days of the week you want to receive your lessons.

I really like that reminders are sent for your latest lesson, you don’t keep getting emails with more lessons that clog up your in box and cause confusion as to what stage you’re at.

Very Clever Assessments

frantastique-online french lessons

The topics are varied and diverse which piques your interest and holds your attention. In each lesson I watched a film snippet, listened to different pronunciations of words and completed several quick tests as I went along, to assess that I had understood. At the end of the lesson I clicked a button to send my answers off for assessment and got the results back with an option to learn more about the bits I’d got wrong. The report also had a good measure of humour with a little anecdote about Victor Hugo and a bit about the iconic film clip used in the lesson and its place in French culture. You’ll get snippets about French cuisine, life, culture with every report.

After seven lessons, you get a more detailed, personalised report which really helps you to understand how you’re doing.

The technology is outstanding, the course is fun and if you’re one of those people who give up easily because you get bored learning French online, Frantastique will likely change your bad habits and get you reading, talking and understanding French.

Take your free trial and see for yourself

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