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 Flea markets of  France

You scour the stalls of the street markets, haunt the antique shops and comb the second hand sales stores – you spot it, that special item. You want it but, you need to know how much and, if it is over budget how to get it at the price you want.

Here’s a quick guide to French words you can use at  flea markets and brocantes in France to help you get your French bargain!

What is your best price? Quel est votre prix?
Too expensive for me Trop cher pour moi
Can you go a little lower? Pouvez-vous baisser le prix.
To pay in cash Puis-je payer en liquide
How much? Combien?
How much for the two, three, four etc. Combine pour les deux, trois, quatre etc.
How old is it? c\’est de quelle période?
I only have XX Euros – is that enough? Tout ce que j’ai est XX Euros – est-ce suffisant
Can we strike a bargain? Peut-on trouver une bonne affaire?
Okay, Thank you! D’accord, merci!

And for some more useful terms:

Antiques Antiquités
Antiques fair Foire d’antiquités
Secondhand shop Dépot-vente
Attic Sale Vide-grenier
Bric-a-brac shop Brocante
Flea Market Les puces
To haggle Marchander
For Sale À vendre
Sale (as in The Sales) Solde
Sold Vendu

Bonne Chance with that bargain hunting!

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