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The Good Life France is all about bringing you features, advice, information and news about and from France.

janine marshI started The Good Life France website in 2012, it was a way of keeping in touch with friends and family back in the UK but it quickly turned into something quite different.

That first month my posts got 480 views – I was completely thrilled. Six months later the website was getting 60,000 visitors a month. People started asking me questions about where to go and what to see when they got there. They wanted to know where to stay and if I knew any good hotels, restaurants, campsites, quirky places, pretty places, luxurious breaks etc. I got asked all sorts of things – some of which I can’t put here! Other people wanted advice about living in France, how to buy a house, how to rent, what mobile phone to get, insurance, health care, every aspect of life in France – and if it is really true that it’s illegal to call a pig Napoleon in France.

I couldn’t answer all the questions on my own and I am very lucky that  I’ve been joined by some wonderful writers. Most of us live in France and we are spread throughout all the regions. This means we can tell you how it really is – because we’re there. We’ve linked up with tourist offices throughout France so that we can get answers for our readers and keep us all in touch with what’s happening and what’s new. We work with PR  companies and brands who have great products and services to promote – and we check out every single one that we endorse. I travel all over France visiting different regions, towns, cities, off the beaten track places and finding out what’s great so that I can tell you all about it – and yes, I do know I have a dream job!

To say that I’ve been amazed and humbled by how the website has grown to become one of the most popular about France websites in the world is an understatement – the best thing is that so many  people from countries all around the globe enjoy our entertaining and informative features, guides and advice pieces. Whether you come to stay for a day or forever our aim is to help you make the most of your time with our holiday and culture guides, events calendars, language aids, fabulous recipes and information about French gastronomy and regional guides. Many of us are home owners, we’ve dealt with the famous bureaucracy of France and come out the other side and we’re happy to share our advice and recommendations.

We add content daily and our team of writers aim to provide you with a view of France like no other with fantastic photographs and their insider’s tips.

We also publish The Good Life France Magazine 6 times a year – it’s completely free, full of gorgeous photos and great articles, a full on glossy, sensationally beautiful and wonderfully informative and entertaining magazine for you.

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If you want to know a bit more about me, here I am in the UK newspaper The Financial Times!


Janine Marsh